FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What time can we board?

Daily rates are from 12 pm to 12 pm but with availability, we can arrange the departure times from 9 am and disembark until 4 pm. No additional fees will be charged for extended hours if sailboats are available.

What to bring?

Take cash as in some places, this is the only form of payment. We recommend handbags. We ask you to avoid suitcases on wheels. It is recommended to bring beach towels (bath is included), insect repellent, and sunscreen. Beach and comfortable clothes. Wear rubber-soled shoes instead of hard soles like boat shoes or sneakers. For cold or windy evenings, a windbreaker comes in handy.

What is the payment method?

50% down payment of the value of the charter via Credit Card to confirm the reservation; The remaining 50% should be handled, in cash, at departure. If you hire a skipper, the amount must be agreed upon boarding, directly to him, in cash.

How does DAY-CHARTER work?

The one-day charter lasts 8 hours (leaving at 9 am and returning at 5 pm). Embarkation and disembarkation are at Marina Bracuhy (BR 101, Km 505), pier C. Included: day-trip, insurance, cleaning fee, auxiliary boat with oars, consumed diesel and skipper. The sailboats have a fitted kitchen and the food (including the skipper's) is at the customer's expense. There are food options in restaurants, inns and floating on the islands. The tour is free, within our charter area. The client can inform the places he wishes to visit so that the skipper can calculate the time spent on each island and distance from the Marina. The skipper, because he knows the region very well, can suggest islands and beaches according to the profile and intention of each client.

Am I free to sail anywhere?

Yes, as long as it is within our charter area, Ilha Grande Bay and Paraty, according to the marking on the website, onboard nautical charts and on the map in the company's headquarters room.

Will I have any extra costs? Things that are charged separetely?

- Motor hourly cost R $ 30.00 (average of 4 liters per hour) - Skipper, if necessary, R $ 350.00 per day. - Optional, if rented, such as auxiliary boat engine, diving kit, underwater board, ice, overnight on the sailboat at the Marina or overnight at the apartment next to the Marina.

How many people can fit on the sailboat?

The capacity of the Delta 36 feet is for 7 people (or 5 and 1 skipper). The capacity of the Delta 41 feet is for 9 people (or 7 and 1 skipper). The skipper occupies a cabin.

How does food work?

The sailboats have a fitted kitchen and the food is provided by the customer. Bring ready-made or semi-finished dishes. Plan simple and quick dishes to prepare like pasta and risottos. Canned foods (tuna, sardines, peas) are a good option. Meat in general for roasting in the oven. Barbecue on board is not allowed. Cold fruits (pear, apple, banana, tangerine), snacks (cheeses, crackers, chestnut mix), sandwiches (already ready in bun), hot dogs, carrots. Mineral water is essential. Coffee, tea, milk or chocolate and juices ready. People consume a lot of beer on board, in this case, we suggest cans from cans to bottles. Wines and sparkling wines are also widely consumed. There are food options in floating bars and restaurants on the islands.

What is the security deposit for?

It serves to cover any damage to the vessel and on-board equipment. Delivered on the day of departure, in cash or credit card. The amount will be returned after the return check list is approved.

Are pets welcome?

No animals are allowed on board.